Fresh air and freedom to play outdoors is a luxury for all too many children. Unsafe neighborhoods and the virtual reality of television, video games, and cell phones have replaced being outside in a natural environment. Is this a little bit sad? Yes, but each generation confronts new challenges and this challenge is ours.

Wouldn’t it be great to give a child a chance to go to camp? Girls and boys need to enjoy being under an umbrella of trees, feel the breeze, and cook over the campfire.

Camp days are special – they have a rhythm all their own. Even on the hottest days, there is an energy that comes from freedom, the freedom to choose among activities like archery, hiking, healthy challenges, nature adventures, and games. Creativity flourishes through songs, skits, and crafts. Quiet time allows for watching the clouds, the birds, ladybugs, and lizards. Friendships are made, friendships that may last a week and sometimes friendships that last a lifetime.

Thank you for considering a "luggage tag" gift that “sends a kid to camp.”

In Camp Fire we have long said “the first fire we light is the fire within.”

This summer, help us light that fire for the children who may never have that experience without your gift.

Your gift can help send a child to Camp!

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