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Camp Fire Gives Kids Direction

Outdoor experiences, environmental awareness, friendships and fun play a big part in year-round activities. Camp Fire Long Beach provides opportunities for youth to realize their potential through regularly scheduled small group meetings, classes and service projects. Young people build their self-esteem, learn lifeskills and become responsible citizens concerned about and active in their communities.

In small neighborhood or school-based groups children meet regularly to explore the world, exercise their creativity, learn about community service and gain a sense of belonging while having fun. Groups are led by adult volunteer teams who use national program materials. There are four program levels: Starflight, grades K-2; Adventure, grades 3-5; Discovery, grades 6-8, and Horizon, grades 9-12. Groups may be all girls, all boys or boys and girls together.


Important Benefits of Participating

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Kids will:

Council Events

Camp Fire groups benefits from a full-range of Council-sponsored events including Kiniya service projects, Fall Carnival, Camp Fire Birthday, holiday and community parades, and level events including Elves Workshop, Aids Holiday gift program, Bear Fair progression event, Wasewagon Weekend Retreats, Winging Ceremonies and Fly-ups, the annual Grand Council Fire and other.



Camp Fire groups participate, from Kindergarten through 7th grade, in Camp Shiwaka Day Camp, which is Camp Fire's in-town day camp of five acres. Groups set up caper charts and camp sites, cook over the fire, sing around the flagpole twice a day, practice and advance in a variety of outdoor skills, and sleep under the stars. Camp Fire groups also participate in Fall and Spring camp-outs at Camp Shiwaka. These two events are on week-ends and combine group/club and family tent camping at Shiwaka.


Leadership opportunities are widely available for all Camp Fire kids at age appropriate levels throughout the Camp Fire group experience. For example, individual groups choose officers and organize events, lead flag salutes, and help younger groups with fly ups.

As teens, other leadership training programs begin, including the Day Camp Aide program for 8th-12th graders, the Program Aide programs for both day and resident camps, the Camper-in-Leadership Training at resident camp, the Counselor-in-Training program at resident and day camp, and the Horizon Club and Cabinet for high school aged youth.

Adults Can Join Us Too!

Adults can make a positive difference in the lives of young people - as Camp Fire volunteers. We invite YOU to join them!

Be part of an adult volunteer team that gives a group of children constructive choices! Under the guidance of caring, trained adults, groups of 8-12 children meet regularly to explore the out-of-doors, exercise their creativity, learn about themselves and their community, and help others. Training and support are provided to adult volunteers. This is a commitment of at least nine months. Bring your own volunteer team of friends or work associates, or volunteer individually and we'll place you with a local team!

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Adults will:

To find out more about Groups & Clubs, call the Camp Fire office located nearest to you at (562) 421-2725 or contact us here.

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