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This Urban Forest

A Natural Choice for Children

Every child should have a place where they can play in a natural setting, run around, and go on hikes and adventures. Every child should have a place to enjoy sharing with friends, having fun and getting dirty. Every child should have a place to appreciate the beauty of trees and wildlife, respect the elemental nature of fire, and feel the spirit-lifting touch of the wind.

The Camp Fire Urban Forest is that Place.

In this Urban Forest thrive many micro-communities.

One such community is summer day camp.

Under the shelter of the trees, campers experience real life, not virtual life. Campers cook the food they will eat over a fire and deliver the leftovers to the camp’s compost pile, learn to sing songs – songs they will one day sing to their children, they chop wood, they get dirty. In this Urban Forest there are day camps for campers needing quality full day supervision in BackYard Bunch, and campers who are coming once or twice each summer to Camp Shiwaka with a Camp Fire group.

One such community is the challenge course.

Here children and adults experience the challenges and thrills of team-building as they tackle elements that awaken ingenuity and foster the spirit of mutual support. Old clothes and high-tech safety gear bridge the experience gap between sandlot play and play with a purpose. Bring a group of your choosing to the challenge course or look for open-enrollment events on our web page.

One such community is Project Groundbreakers.

Gardening with an intentional focus on our natural environment – the realities of annual rainfall, soil conditions, heat and cold, local “critters,” – is a growing part of Camp Fire’s curriculum of healthy living experiences. Adults and kids alike benefit from this “hands-on” education. Check here for classes and work parties.

One such community is our Apprenticeship in Outdoor Education.

These are also “hands-on” experiences that cover the gamut from outdoor skills to outdoor nature education. These can range from single to multi-sessions and can be held during or after school or on Saturdays.

One such community is Family Camp Overnights.

Want to go camping with your family friends, but you can’t face the traffic to the mountains? Enjoy an overnight in our 5-acre Urban Forest complete with fire rings for cooking over the camp fire, accessible water spigots, and bathrooms. Family groups (for example, churches, neighborhoods, soccer teams, family reunions) can arrange for an overnight in camp.

Which of these communities would be a good fit for your children, in fact for your whole family?

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